Apache Mahout 0.9 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

posted on Nov 20th, 2016

Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is a project of the Apache Software Foundation to produce free implementations of distributed or otherwise scalable machine learning algorithms focused primarily in the areas of collaborative filtering, clustering and classification. Many of the implementations use the Apache Hadoop platform. Mahout also provides Java libraries for common maths operations (focused on linear algebra and statistics) and primitive Java collections.

While Mahout's core algorithms for clustering, classification and batch based collaborative filtering are implemented on top of Apache Hadoop using the map/reduce paradigm, it does not restrict contributions to Hadoop-based implementations.

Pre Requirements

1) A machine with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS operating system.

2) Apcahe Hadoop pre installed (How to install Hadoop on Ubuntu 14.04)

3) Apcahe Mahout 0.9 software (Download Here)

Apache Mahout Installation

Apache Mahout is a highly scalable machine learning library that enables developers to use optimized algorithms. Mahout implements popular machine learning techniques such as recommendation, classification, and clustering.

Installation Steps

Step 1 - Creating mahout directory. Open a terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and type the following sudo command.

$ sudo mkdir /usr/local/mahout

Step 2 - Change the ownership and permissions of the directory /usr/local/mahout. Here 'hduser' is an Ubuntu username.

$ sudo chown -R hduser /usr/local/mahout

$ sudo chmod -R 755 /usr/local/mahout

Step 3 - Change the directory to /home/hduser/Desktop , In my case the downloaded mahout-distribution-0.9.tar.gz file is in /home/hduser/Desktop folder. For you it might be in /downloads folder check it.

$ cd /home/hduser/Desktop/

Step 4 - Untar the mahout-distribution-0.9.tar.gz file.

$ tar xzf mahout-distribution-0.9.tar.gz

Step 5 - Move the contents of mahout-distribution-0.9 folder to /usr/local/mahout

$ mv mahout-distribution-0.9/* /usr/local/mahout

Add these libraries to your java project build path.


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